Medical Camp – Bhaktapur

3 Medical Camps were conducted in Chymasingh and Golmati- 7, Bhaktapur. Three medical teams consisting of Doctors, Nurses and Volunteers provided health check up services along with Medicine, Masks and Sanitary items distribution. All together, 400+ people benefited from health service camps and 1000+ masks were distributed. Expenses! 32331 for medicines, water and sanitary items. [...]

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Khokana Medical Camp

We conducted medical camps in Different areas of Khokana, Lalitpur. All together, 4 Doctors, 8 Nurses, and 23 Volunteers were in the team which conducted one Medical Base Camp and two other mobile medical camps for victims who couldn't come to our Med Base Camp on their own. 400+ people from 100+ families benefited from [...]

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