Youth Thinkers’ Society (YTS), with motive of empowering youths and sustaining communities, is introducing a project named “Mitjyu” in collaboration with SEALNet (Southeast Asian Service Leadership Network) which will be steered from 16th of October to 31st October. “Miitjyu” is a two week sustainable development project where youth will be working in earthquake affected rural […]

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Call For Ideas


The devastating earthquake in Nepal has caused an enormous loss of life and property and left thousands of Nepalese devastated. Restoring Nepal to its former state and transitioning life back to normal for the affected is going to be a long and arduous journey, which will require huge amounts of effort from everyone involved, especially […]

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EIMUN – Everest International Model United Nations


Despite our rich history and cultural heritage, contemporary politics in South Asia has not been something we youth are particularly proud of. Rarely have we not been disappointed by the decisions of our political leaders; hardly ever have we felt included in the democratic process of decision making. And when it comes to the power […]

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