Youth Thinkers’ Society, in collaboration with Redmud Coffee Private Ltd, began this coffee brewing training named “Barista Training Program 2015” for young adults who were seeking motivation, and who were keen in uplifting their social life status. This program was designed for people with a vision but in need of a platform to implement it with social and economic stimulus. The project allowed the participants to gain valuable skills and potentially earn a living.

The program was started to create job opportunities and dissuade migration of youth to foreign lands for greater jobs. One of its main purposes was to change the mindset of young Nepalese who often tend to follow the crowd and migrate to other nations due to parental or peer pressure.

To run this program, YTS sought a coffee shop which was willing to train 10 youths all while understanding our motivation. After 3 weeks of market research, we came across RedMud Coffee Private Limited whose management was kind enough to agree to train youths at an affordable price. The project was divided into three stage of training mechanism, which was for 45 days long. The first 2 weeks were for theoretical knowledge. The next 2 weeks consisted of practical training and the last two weeks were for internship at the same coffee shop.

For promotion of the program, YTS made an announcement on social media and began the selection process. 5 interns from Kathmandu University School of Arts under the leadership of Mr. Kshitiz Bhattarai of YTS traveled to Lamjung, Nuwakot, Sindupalchowk, and Kavre to select 10 youths for the training. During the selection process, the task of convincing the people from rural areas to send their family members to Kathmandu for the training was an arduous task but after several days of convincing trust building, the community of Ghale Gaun, Lamjung agreed to send a lady who ran a small tea shop locally for the Barista Training Program. After 2 weeks of traveling to various districts of Nepal for selection, we were able to select 10 youths from diverse background for the training. This group consisted of an orphan, a household helper, people facing financial crisis, refugees, people actively working for the empowerment of LGBTIQ group of people, differently able people, and people from remote rural areas of Nepal.

YTS’ main intention in bringing trainees from Ghale Gaun, Lamjung, was to develop their community and open a coffee shop which would be funded by each and every household in that Ghalegaun community. This would make everyone in that community the shareholder of that particular coffee shop, and would give employment to youths of that particular community and would benefit them in various ways to make a sustainable way to earn a living. In addition, YTS wanted each and every trainee to invest in their own coffee shop some day or the other so that, instead of just working as an employee they must be an example to the Nepalese community, and each one of them should give employment opportunity to other 10 youth or more who are following the crowd to go to foreign land in search of job and higher life standard. These youth must prove that there is more income and better life standard here in Nepal, the only thing is we need to tap in those resources, and start working on it.

Apart from the Barista Training the trainees got a chance to learn from each other’s experiences, as they came from different backgrounds, different culture, and diverse upbringing in their childhood, each and everyone had a different story about life. This training not developed the skill of coffee brewing of 10 youths but, also empowered 5 students from Kathmandu University School of Arts (KUSOA). It also changed the mindset of young adults who wanted to leave the nation for a better job. If we go deeper inside the project, this program promoted Nepalese Coffee and we benefited Nepalese farmers as well.

We feel proud to announce that 4 youth has received a full time job in RedMud Coffee Pvt. Ltd, through which they can earn a living. Furthermore we have identified sponsors to fund one trainee to open a coffee shop. The personals from LGBTIQ organization is opening a coffee shop where they will be hiring or giving job opportunities to more and more enthusiastic youths. And finally 3 trainee are in pipeline to RedMud coffee to keep them in their further outlets.

This training has also managed to motivate uneducated youth to build a social status and make a living. Trainings like these have made their lives sustainable and YTS believes that it will bring a change in the community as a whole. Even the organizers of BTP have learnt a lot from this training in a practical way. All of this wouldn’t have been possible without this Barista Training Program.

As a youth, one should learn from BTP. One needs to have willingness and enthusiasm to do something that can be beneficial for the individual, the community and the country as a whole. One must think globally but act locally. YTS believes that people who got the training will set an example for those who have lost all motivation in life.

Apart from the youth, YTS hopes that various communities learn from the community of Ghale Gaun and try to bring a change to develop the country, other communities should learn from the Ghale Gaun community, other person should get the gist form these 10 person, in this way each and every person and every districts of Nepal will be developed, and finally our country can develop as a whole.

YTS has empowered youth through Skill Development, Vocational Training, through Education, Entrepreneurship and hopes to continue all this in the coming years.