Call For Ideas


The devastating earthquake in Nepal has caused an enormous loss of life and property and left thousands of Nepalese devastated. Restoring Nepal to its former state and transitioning life back to normal for the affected is going to be a long and arduous journey, which will require huge amounts of effort from everyone involved, especially the younger generation. Throughout this ordeal, the youth, both from Nepal and abroad, have shown an extraordinary amount of dedication towards aiding the affected communities and helping in rebuilding our nation to the best of their abilities.

YTS Call For Ideas 2015 provides a platform for youth to implement their original ideas and make a valuable contribution to Nepalese society when we are at our most vulnerable. Currently, there are hundreds of young people with the desire, motivation and fresh ideas to make a difference in the community. YTS call for ideas provide an opportunity to carry out their ideas and try and make a positive change in the world around them. We intend to fill the gap between youthful motivation and effective action and affect substantial change within the community.

YTS Call For Ideas received more than 100 submissions. We were thrilled to see so many youth rising up and taking the initiative to put out their ideas. There were 5 themes from which they could chose.
The five themes were:

  1. Agriculture
  2. Tourism
  3. Education
  4. Public Health
  5. Technology

The participants were free to choose whichever theme they wanted to and had to send us ideas they thought would make a difference in the community. The ideas could be an individual or group project. After carefully examining all the different ideas we finally picked the best 20 ideas. After the top 20 ideas were selected, we then chose the best idea from each theme. Finally after careful consideration we selected the best five ideas and funded them. The five selected candidates are currently working on their respective projects.
The top five ideas were:

  • Learn Station (Deepak K Shah)
  • Blood Emergency Nepal (Paribesh Koirala)
  • Juneli Nepal (Anjala Khadka)
  • Srijanshil Agro Farming (Bikash Rai)
  • Pressure Plate Generator (Khomnath)