Nisarga Batika Training For Trainers Session


The first session of Training for Trainers (ToT) workshop held on 25th October 2017 in the dynamic environment of Nisarga Batika School, brought together teachers and administrative staffs at the forefront of the United Nations. A total of six teachers attended the workshop. The aim was to engage in the multiple facets of Model United […]

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Hike For Nepal


Hike for Nepal to Help Nepal- Tourism is one of the major sources of Nepalese Economy. Nepal well known for its natural beauty and diversity is a popular tourist destination in the world. After the Earthquake of April, there has been heavy decline in influx of tourists, mostly because of exaggerated news about the Devastation […]

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Cages of steel and stones When shaken Crumble into dust and bones Fickle Too weak To hold All the dreams we’d weaved into them Home had always been more than a house Home had been our hearts And when the heart got shattered When the homes went scattered We stood And watched We’d stumbled And […]

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Earthquake-Uniting Nepal

To understand how a whole is greater than the sum of its parts, how nation is more than just a conglomeration of people – one can read the story of one Bishwo Bhandari, a member of the Armed Police Force of Nepal. His home was destroyed in this earthquake, his parents are currently taking shelter [...]

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