EIMUN – Everest International Model United Nations


Despite our rich history and cultural heritage, contemporary politics in South Asia has not been something we youth are particularly proud of. Rarely have we not been disappointed by the decisions of our political leaders; hardly ever have we felt included in the democratic process of decision making. And when it comes to the power play dynamics of international politics, we seldom feel like the voices of our people matter. Have we lost all hope though?

As convenient as it is to accept the dismal state of affairs, we ought not to forget one powerful gift we are blessed with – the ability to catalyze positive change. Revolutions and innovations have always been led by the young – what stops us today from taking crucial steps towards a better future? What would it take to pilot positive change by example?

Spirit is indispensable. So is reason. Yet comprehension of global political nuances, commitment to thrive under difficult circumstances and compassion towards the masses is what distinguishes a change-maker from a leader. Asia needs young change-makers like us and our ideas to fuel the future. So where do we start?

If it is an international experience you crave, where converging and diverging ideas from diverse young minds evolve into meaningful discourse, the Everest International Model United Nations (EIMUN) 2016 is your calling. Organized by Youth Thinkers’ Society and US Embassy Nepal, the regional edition of this prestigious conference modeled after the United Nations will assemble 200 young minds hailing from Central and South Asia, between the 15th and 19th of August in the scenic coziness of Nagarkot, Nepal. Come together in a platform for discussion on the world’s imminent geo-political issues, the perception of equality in the world’s largest parliamentary setting, the role of Central and Asian nations in international politics and most importantly, the role of youth in shaping the future of Asia.

University students from various backgrounds are eligible to apply. Registration fees of $250 are applicable for the entire conference package, including accommodation and meals throughout the conference duration. Apply by the 31st of May to get involved in this unique opportunity and take your first crucial step towards a better future. For more detailed information, visit www.eimun.org .

Article by : Nafisa Nawal