U.S. Embassy and YTS to organize MUN Workshop Series in Kathmandu.

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Model United Nations (MUN) is a formal educational simulation of the actual United Nations committees catered to the youth passionate about national and international affairs. Youth Thinkers’ Society, in collaboration with The U.S. Embassy, is organizing Model United Nations Workshop and Simulation Program for youth who are interested in learning about the world of MUN and its proceedings and modalities. This is a prime opportunity for the Nepalese youth to get familiarity with the UN and MUN, under the umbrella of the U.S. Embassy and YTS, while learning the art of diplomacy and debates from experienced MUNers.

We, at YTS, believe that MUN Conferences are a route to becoming globalized citizens of this global village. MUN workshop helps the interested students to clearly understand the purpose of MUN and how it is held internationally. The main objective of such workshops is to produce quality MUNers and equip them with the skills required to participate in international forums. Furthermore, MUNs is a path to enhance cultural integration amongst participants who hail from different parts of the world.

MUN culture is in its blooming stage in Nepal and YTS aims to proliferate MUN culture and engagement in international affairs through unconventional modes of learning.
Join the MUN workshop to gain an insight into this wonderful world of MUN.

Beginners Level MUN Workshop will be held every Saturday, followed by Mock Session after a week. 

  • Venue: Asian Institute of Technology and Management (AITM)
    Knowledge Village, Khumaltar Heights
    SatdobatoLalitpur, Nepal 

    First Session (Workshop):  (11 am – 2:00 pm)
    Second Session (Mock Session): (10 am – 3:30 pm)

The first session will be focused on helping participants understand the concept and importance of MUN, its procedures, and ROPs through presentations. At the end of the workshop; participants will be provided with a topic to research and a country to represent in the upcoming Mock Session.

The second session will be a mock MUN where participants come as a delegate and practically understand the way MUN works. 

Fee: NRs. 600/- (Includes lunch on second session).

Participants will be provided with a certificate of completion of beginner level MUN workshop with signatures from a representative of the American Embassy, Youth Thinkers’ Society and YTS- MUN Society Nepal.

Register here: https://goo.gl/forms/Z0FQWcG7kviraPcj2

Feel free to contact us for any queries:

9846708290 (Milan)
9841379843 (Rijesh)
9803647509 (Jenish)