Youth Thinkers’ Society (YTS), with motive of empowering youths and sustaining communities, is introducing a project named “Mitjyu” in collaboration with SEALNet (Southeast Asian Service Leadership Network) which will be steered from 16th of October to 31st October. “Miitjyu” is a two week sustainable development project where youth will be working in earthquake affected rural setting of Nepal. This development project will bring 15 young Service leaders in Nepal; mostly undergraduates and young professionals, from ASEAN countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam). They will be accompanied by 15 other young service leaders from Nepal. 30 youths with different ideologies and views on rural setting will work together for two weeks in one of the isolated remote village of Nepal. They will devote themselves on problem identification by cooperating with the villagers and relating the problems of that particular village with the villages of the other developing countries.

“MIT JYU” the word itself means Friendship in Nepali language, a special kind of tie between two individuals. Nepalese have a culture of making Mitjyu’s where two individuals knot a special bond with each other for lifetime. It’s a bond that is more than a relation between two friends. The two individuals can be from diverse backgrounds and different cultures.

The reason this project is named Mitjyu is to build relation between the participants. It’s indeed an opportunity for the participants to exchange the way of life, share culture, diversity etc. The project aims to accomplish these tasks and bring about some positive attitude about each other’s country through this program and how one can contribute to uplift the living standard of common people by brainstorming ideas.

During this time period of two weeks, they will work with the members of that particular village using the local resources available there. Using these resources they will try to eradicate the hindrances and introduce the infrastructures to open up the road for the sustainable development. Home stay will be available for Young leaders which will enable them to understand the difficult lifestyle and problems of the villagers and as well seek the possible solution to the problems.

In the first three days, they will engage themselves in designing and implementing the project. The remaining days will be spent in the planning, management and formulation of the action plans among the young service leaders engaged in the project.

With the main motive of understanding the rural setting and identification of the problems in the village, the young service leaders will analyze the local resources available and connect it to the villager’s lifestyle to fill up the gap between them. These actions will contribute to pave up the road for sustainable development and bring service and promote the spirit of service leadership among the youth leaders.

The main motive behind introducing this project is to create a regional platform for young leaders to get firsthand experience in identifying existing problems rural communities are facing and work with the communities in finding sustainable solutions to it.

After the primary and secondary data collection from different field visit and other reference sources, YTS in co-ordination with the SEALnet finalize Gerkhu village of Nuwakot district as a location for the conduction of MITJYU. The organizing team selected Gerkhu just not because it’s one of the earthquake affected areas but it also provide a participants, young leaders, to experience the utmost rural settings and lifestyle.