Nisarga Batika Training For Trainers Session


The first session of Training for Trainers (ToT) workshop held on 25th October 2017 in the dynamic environment of Nisarga Batika School, brought together teachers and administrative staffs at the forefront of the United Nations. A total of six teachers attended the workshop. The aim was to engage in the multiple facets of Model United Nations system so as to be able to act as a facilitator and train the students about Model United Nations.

3The first session commenced with the explanation of United Nations and its history followed by an introduction to its branches and functions. The workshop took an interesting turn with a Parachute debate where each teacher was asked to play the role of their role model. This activity hyped the need to step into the shoe of a country in MUN. The second session of the workshop aimed to introduce the Rules of Procedures (ROPs). The PowerPoint presentations, by Shirish Maharjan, pointed out the definition of ROPs and its significance in a Model United Nation. A small mock session was held to practice the procedure.

The Next Session of the workshop commenced on 30th November 2017. The session focused on the procedures required to collect the research materials for MUN. The session highlighted topics that one needs to look out for during research; history of the country, its allies, foreign relation, things that place an importance on the given topic and so on.

On the 3rd day of the workshop, 1st November 2017, participants were made familiar to the writing and speaking procedures. Tips were given on how to write position papers, working papers and resolution papers, and on how to speak when the general speakers’ list are discussed. Attendees were made acquainted with the voting procedure and all the hassle of multilateral diplomacy that follow the passing of a resolution paper.4

Now familiar with the procedures, participants were then given the task of role-playing the United Nations Security Council committee with the agenda ‘Threat of Nuclear Proliferation and Disarmament’. The session was conducted on 6th November. All the attendees submitted the position paper and having read it, it was evident they had done their homework. The session was really productive, the committee was able to pass the resolution.

On top of all, attendee can now act as trainers to their students further enhancing the MUN culture. With MUN as the latest offering in ECA, the students will have the opportunity to develop their public speaking and critical thinking skills. And with support of YTS, students are bound to get national and international exposure.

*If you are interested in hosting Training for Trainers(ToT) session in your school/college contact us*