Pokhara Bolchha!

YTS Pokhara president Mr. Milan Poudel with the speakers

With the motto “Learning from Experience”, Youth Thinkers’ Society Pokhara has been conducting monthly discussion series: “Pokhara Bolchha”. In its unique blend, it aims to generate different perspective to the specific topic and learn through sharing experiences. The program also includes public interaction that tends to open up the issue. With the differential dimension of the topic being explored, audience gets the opportunity to be connected with the program.

The diversity in speaker adds variance of the content; it can connect different facets within the topic. As an example, the first discussion session was about ‘Abroad Studies and Impact On Nepalese Society’. The speakers were experienced teacher who had been involved in grassroots development of students, scholar of water resource who has returned from United States, an entrepreneur who had completed MBA from London, and IELTS teacher who have been counseling students. This led to represent the students who want to achieve foreign degree and return home, the youths who are in the process of studying abroad, parents who wants to know the trend and act. the series has been successful in creating the good atmosphere and touching the lives of the youths.

As of today, YTS Pokhara has successfully conducted 3 sessions. The topics raised would directly intertwine with the youths. It has been successful in raising practical and relevant issues of public interest. Within its mold of interaction and creative vibes, the program includes musical performance and poem. It has given platform for talents of youth to be presented, making the program richer.

So, one must be thinking it might charge something, the answer is ‘no’. It is free of cost and takes place every second Saturday of each month.

*For venue, topic and speaker list, one can follow the YTS Pokhara facebook page: YTS Pokhara.*Group photo of the participants, organizers and speakers