Project Sikshya (Education): Rebuilding Schools in Dolakha & Makwanpur


YTS, Caring Hands Foundation, and Agami Inc joins hand to rebuild schools in Dolakha and Makwanpur.

Youth Thinkers’ Society continues with its effort to rebuilt the nation. After its successful endeavors in support with various helping hands, in Kavre, Rasuwa and Nuwakot, Project Sikshya (Education) continues to reach students who are in need of a strong arm to rebuilt their house of education. In collaboration with and support from Caring Hands Foundation, and Agami Inc. Youth Thinkers’ Society has come to an agreement with Ministry of Education, Government of Nepal to rebuild two public schools in Dolakha and Makawanpur District of Nepal. Memorandum of Understanding has already been signed between the Government of Nepal and Youth Thinkers’ Society to build permanent classrooms for both of these public schools, which were completely damaged by the devastating earthquake of April 25th and concurring aftershocks. It’s another important step towards giving back to the society.

Both school each in Makawanpur and Dolakha are primary schools that are not in safe condition after the earthquake. This has had an adverse impact on the education of children in both schools.

Shree Praja Pragati Primary School, of Chepang Gau, Makwanpur, is the only school that carters to the educational need of Children from more than 200 Chepang Families in the village. Chepangs are one of the most underprivileged indigenous minorities of Nepal. Illiteracy is one of the most serious problems in their community and it’s very important to ensure their right to education. This school is located in one of the most remote part of Makwanpur District which has no access to road. To reach the school one has to walk straight up hill for more than 5 hours. This school was declared unsafe by the Technical team of Government of Nepal and requires rebuilding after complete demolition. The entire village was awfully hit by the earthquake but they received least attention and aid because of its remoteness. More than 80 students get education from this school. These students do not have any other alternatives of going to another school because this is the only school nearby that is accessible.

Shree Jana Ekata Primary School, at Ghyangsukathok, Dolakha is 195 Km away from Kathmandu and carters to the educational need of more than 100 students from the village and it’s adjoining areas. Most of the students are indigenous minorities and dalits. Alike other educational institutions in the district, this school also faced heavy damage from the devastating earthquake of April 25th and concurring aftershocks. All the classrooms are declared unsafe by the government of Nepal and currently all the classes are conducted outside in temporary classrooms. Because of the winter season and unavailability of proper classrooms, many students are looking for other alternatives for education.

With supporters like Caring Hands Foundation, and Agami Inc. Youth Thinkers’ Society has come YTS has founds hardworking hands in rebuilding the nation. It’s beautiful to find a partner in a task which is filled with gratefulness and responsibility both at once.

Caring Hands Foundation is an all-volunteer-led, 501 (3) (C) charity organization. It believes that individuals can make a profound difference by actively exercising their ability to create positive change. Therefore Caring Hands mission is to provide an easy platform for volunteerism so that people can contribute positively in their local community through community outreach programs and in the global community through infrastructure building projects. They believe in providing actual solutions and seeing the project through, from planning until completion. Caring Hands Foundation has also adopted several ailing projects in developing countries that offer essential services to the needy to address basic needs related to literacy, health care and sanitation. More info about Caring Hands Foundation can be found at ( is a registered 501 (3) (c) organization based in San Francisco, California. It was conceived with a vision to create a Network of Himalayan Community in the Bay Area to truly serve as a support system to those struggling to assimilate in this “foreign” environment.  It hopes to connect these individuals with resources to get them situated in their new environment while helping create a sense of community by celebrating the Himalayan heritage and culture.
It has been supporting causes in the Himalayan region to further education, health, children’s’ right, elderly rights and women empowerment.

After the Nepal Earthquake of April 25th, Sahayeta raised funds for Nepal to help the affected families by ensuring that they get adequate food, medical care, shelter and later on extended it’s working areas to rebuilding educational institutions in the rural earthquake hit areas to ensure right to education of the students and supporting innovative ideas to rebuild Nepal by providing platform to the youth. They have been the major partner of YTS post-earthquake. More about Sahayeta at (

Agami Inc is a volunteer based non-profit organization (501 (3) (c)) based in United States of America with primary focus area in Bangladesh. They have a vision of Bangladesh where all the students will get equal educational opportunities. Agami’s mission is to focus on effecting lasting socio-economic change in Bangladesh through education. They have been providing quality basic education for underprivileged children. Even though their working area is Bangladesh, they decided to raise funds for Nepal earthquake and help us in rebuilding an educational
institution. More about Agami (

Efforts in giving back to the society continue to reach who are in need making a possible change towards a better future. Caring Hands Foundation, and Agami Inc have supported Youth Thinkers’ Society to collect all the abysmally and rebuilt them into something a nation needs, small innocent future of the country waiting to go to school at Makwanpur and Dolakha. Remembering that smile on the face of the 9 year old child who was watching his school rebuilt at Kavre, words are not enough to appreciate this contributions, our supporters are helping us to make in our society. And, that smile adds more enthusiasm to our work and to our motive. We hope to go a long way with our supports to add more and more smile on the face of the education.

– Pratima Gyawali

Youth Thinkers’ Society