Training for Trainers

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Join the Youth Thinkers’ Society as it works to enhance the MUN culture in Nepal.
If you have attended MUN at least once then this is a call for you. This is a chance for you to be able to conduct a MUN. Through “Training for Trainers”, YTS aims to train enthusiastic MUN attendees and enable them to conduct MUNs. The training consists of an orientation followed by a 2-days workshop. During this time-frame you will be given extensive training and exposed to the intricacies of MUN by highly experienced MUNers.

It does not end after that! After being trained, YTS provides you with an opportunity to be assigned as a trainer yourself. YTS enables you to join the MUNs it conducts and assist in MUNs or workshops. As a trainer yourself, you can impart everything you learnt during the training phase, to a larger group. You shall be conducting workshops for students in schools and colleges alike and introduce them to MUN and its features.

This is a not-to-miss opportunity as you are entitled to noteworthy interactions along the entire process. Furthermore, you shall be paid on an hourly basis while you work as trainer.

*The fee (Rs.5000) shall be waived if the trainer commits, the first 20 hours of his/her work as a trainer be voluntary*


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