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Sapanako Computer

In the past decade computer technology has advanced by leaps and bounds. We have seen clunky PCs slowly evolving to sleek ultrabooks with high portability, with easier to use interfaces, and greater efficacy. It has become a norm for the urban population to update their gadgets regularly to keep up with the latest advances and the trendiest models. The devices from years back which cost us tens of thousands of rupees then are now outdated junk we store, or sell to the dealers for scrap. On the contrary, the rural areas have had little to no access to these technological advances we take for granted. The majority of the public schools in Nepal lack even well-stocked libraries; the gadgets we unconsciously depend on for our daily tasks would be a distant dream for students from such places. But it need not be.

Makura Creations in collaboration with Youth Thinkers’ Society is launching "Sapanako Computer" in an effort to uplift the technological accessibility of the schools in rural areas. Collecting the old computers that are no longer in use as donations, we will provide them to the students who have limited access to information technology. We will take responsibility for any repair, if necessary before distributing them to our project area. Support for this cause is crucial for us to be able to reach these students.

Especially this festive season when many of us are upgrading our devices to newer models, we should spare a thought for these underprivileged students and donate our older laptops/PCs instead of letting it gather dust. Our outdated junk can become a blessing to many students across Nepal.

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